Unless otherwise indicated, the maps on this page were originally scanned and published online by the University of Texas Libraries from an atlas in the public domain. Some of the following maps were cropped from larger images. Click to enlarge. (Not all maps have larger versions.)


The Roman Forum in the Republican era.

The city of Rome in the Republican era. This map shows the layout of the city circa 40 B.C., by which time many features had changed since the time of the Third Punic War.

Rome and Carthage at the beginning of the Second Punic War.


The city of Carthage.

The city of Carthage.
Originally published on Used with permission.

The site of Carthage today. Note the remnants of the two harbours (zoom in for a better look).
Embedded satellite image from Google Maps. Copyrighted, but posted here in accordance with their guidelines on permissions.

The Carthaginian Empire through the Punic Wars.
Originally posted in Wikipedia. Released by its creator into the public domain.


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    • Hi – that depends on which map you’re referring to. If it’s one of those that’s already in the public domain, then no special permission is required. Otherwise, you’ll need to check with the original copyright owner (follow the link under the map and proceed from there).


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