Reminder to self

Add references to the Periochae of Livy to all dates (references already exist for some events, but not all applicable cases have been covered). Delete this reminder when the task is complete.

Restart your examination of the Periochae from Book 51 and of the timeline from 147 B.C. Revise references for the “To 150 B.C.” section afterwards.

A translation of the Periochae can be found here.

UPDATE (15 August 2007): Add references to Plutarch’s Apophthegmata Romana as well; link to translation here. Check OCD and/or other references for correct abbreviation of Apophthegmata Romana. (In the absence of a firm standard, use Apophth. Cat. Mai. for Cato and Apophth. Scip. Min. for Scipio Aemilianus.)


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